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Looking for an African Chat room, then this place is much suitable for you.. Here you can easily communicate with your loved ones, who are far from you and you can’t easily talk to them, just give them a link “” and even if you haven’t any social app like Whatsapp or Skype then this environment can give you much more than that. The main reason behind this, is that,we want to gathered everyone at one platform to create love and affection between every individual. Here you can also talk to many people around the world, and to share your culture, norms behavior, thoughts and many more. By this, many people can get know of your varied culture and this will be your great opportunity to share everything related to your African Culture. And if you have a talent to entertain people then you can be a Radio Jockey RJ and also we have many Rjs from different countries. Just pass this link in your friend circle and gathered them here. Don’t wait for too long just login with your nick name and meet many other friends of you. Enjoy your stay at

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