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Entertainment Technology is a derived from theatrical stagecraft, and stagecraft is an important subset of the discipline. However, the rise of new types and venues for entertainment, as well as rapidly advancing technological development, has increased the range and scope of its practice.Entertainment technology refers to a very real world of entertainment experiences made possible by the advent of primarily computer-mediated digital technologies with the commercial world of live entertainment production. I believe this bridge would be beneficial not just to the technical students, but to the whole art of performance. When high-tech systems such as video, moving lights, computerized sound, mechanized scenery and show control are mastered by even average entertainment technicians, they can advance the state of their craft, which will allow artists to advance the state of Entertainment technologists come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, the most prevalent of which are theater and mechanical technology. In Entertainment Technology we train students for careers backstage at concerts, corporate and special events, cruise ship shows, television studios, sports venues, theaters, theme parks, trade shows, and even pro wrestling events. Our Emerging Media Technologies program is a hybrid of design and engineering that trains students for careers in human-computer interaction, app development, 3D modeling, computer game production, interactive media systems design, and tangible computation in the contemporary media and arts fields.
Our exciting industry offers a unique career path for each student, depending on his or her individual interests. One City Tech graduate might go off to tour the world doing sound for a concert tour; another might work in a scene shop, building high-tech, mechanized scenic effects; the other may work on a film crew working on location to capture image and sound; yet another developing hand-held interaction systems; and the other working on a team to create the next new video game; and still another might work for a system contractor designing or installing entertainment and audiovisual systems into permanent, architectural venues.

Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology


Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology

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Our faculty comes from a broad array of entertainment technology backgrounds, and all use their professional experience to train in our 40,000 square foot training laboratories and performance venues. The labs have been stocked with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, show control and video equipment thanks to substantial grants and generous support from the entertainment technology industry. So lighting system laboratory is equipped with moving lights, state of the art consoles, visualization software, and gear. Our sound training facility features fully equipped audio workstations, along with state of the art live performance digital audio consoles, speakers and microphones. Video includes HD cameras, switching equipment and image presentation systems. A fully equipped performance venue dedicated to the Entertainment Technology Department allows students the ability to experiment within a live environment.

“There are two dedicated Emerging Media Technologies laboratories: one with the latest interactive media and software development environments, the other a state-of-the-art hardware development facility with rapid prototyping and 3D printers. Emerging Media students also have access to shared fabrication facilities that include laser cutters, large scale 3D printers, and CNC machines, with a new multi-million dollar fabrication and design laboratory coming online within the next three years.”Entertainment technology ollaborate with external producing organizations to develop technologically sophisticated productions, which allows students to experience the process of professional production with the support of expert faculty and mentors before they enter the high risk environment in the outside professional world.

The department is structured to accommodate full- and part-time students of all ages. We serve beginners looking to break into the industry, as well as seasoned pros and IATSE Union members who would like to update their skills to keep up with the demands of new technology in this ever-accelerating market. Entertainment technology is the discipline of using manufactured or created components to enhance or make possible any sort of entertainment experience.

Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology
Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology
Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology

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